I didn't set out to become a photographer.  I didn't find photography, photography found me; and then it changed me.  This is my story.

Being a professional photographer has opened me up to some new and amazing experiences. For me, photography is way beyond a photograph.  It's the feeling I get when I hand a mother a photograph of her child that leaves her speechless. Or the father who comes up to me when I'm packing my gear and incessantly thanks me for capturing a monumental moment in his family's life. Or even how a child's eyes light up when you show them the back of the camera, moments after having their photo taken. It's about creating a moment and capturing it for eternity.

They say a good photographer shoots how it feels, not how it looks, and I agree.   It's emotional and spirited long before it's creative and technical. It's made me view the World in a new light and to see all the tiny details that we take for granted. It's challenged me, changed me, humbled me, and made me a better person for it. It's brought me adventure, perspective, and hope. It's brought me to incredible high points and it's my obsession, my muse, my passion. Most importantly, it's brought along some pretty amazing people who each have their own unique story to be told. The kind of story that you thank God for letting you lay eyes on. I'm a better person than I was before I started. I'm not a photographer. I just savor life intensely, ever 1/125th of a second of it.


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