Spring Portraits FAQ - brandonmichaellee

1.  What is inside my gallery?

A - Each gallery has your child's proofs and links to a printable Prints & Products Guide and Order Form.

2.  Am I Viewing The Final Image?

A - No, these are proofs.  They have been corrected for color and exposure only.  Proofs provide a great example of how the final image will look without any major editing.  Upon purchase, the selected image will undergo a full post process to perfect the image. 

3.  What is the full post process?

A - A full post process is a process that is custom to its respective image.  Full Post Processing may or may not include and is not limited to; teeth whitening, eye enhancement (brightening, color correction, etc,) blemish removal (dirt, marks, zits, etc,) skin smoothing, fly away hair removal, stray object removal (things that clutter the background, creases in backdrop,) noise removal, and sharpening and sizing image for selected print size.  Again, not every image needs everything, some may need more.  I'm quite the perfectionist.

4.  I ordered a DVD disc, what does this include?

A - Purchase of a DVD disc includes all of your proofs in high-rez, a print release (so you can legally print your images,) and the choice of one image to be fully post processed.

5.  May I share my proofs with others?

A - Yes and no.  The images are copyright protected and cannot be right-click downloadHowever, you are more than welcome to share your password with others!

6.  My child's shoot was today, when will my child's gallery be up?

A - A.S.A.P.  It really depends on how busy the day was, how large your child's class is, and other things.  My goal is to have everyone's gallery up the night (or early morning) of.  However, there's no guarantee.

7.  My child won't be there on their scheduled date, how do I reschedule?

A -  Contact me using the "Contact" link and I'll be more than happy to reschedule.

8.  I lost my paperwork, what do I do?

A -  Either see me at Kids 'R' Kids, or simply download all the necessary paperwork using the link in your child's gallery.

9.  I have more than one child, may I combine orders?

A - Yes and No.  Images from the individual shoot must be ordered separately, however, you may combine the sibling shoot with one or more of the individual shoot orders. 

10.  How do I stay up to date with Spring Portraits?

A - The Facebook Page is the best way.  It'll notify you of the day-to-day, schedule changes (should it occur,) order deadline, arrival of orders, and behind the scenes among other things.

11.  Do you shoot professionally, how do I schedule you?

A - Yes!  Photography is the other half of my income.  I'm currently operating on a seasonal basis (Spring and Fall.) Simply contact me for inquiries.

12.  My question isn't listed, how do I contact you?

A -  Click the "Contact" link to e-mail me, or call or text me at 704-577-3069.

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