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All my photo shoots follow this schedule:

Pre-Shoot Consultation: (via in person, telephone, or e-mail) Photo shoots aren’t an everyday occurrence for 99% of the general population. Fortunately, we’ve been through enough of them to know how to properly prepare you! In this section, we discuss what you want in the shoot, where you want the shoot, and schedule a time for the shoot. This is important because people’s needs and expectations differ from person to person and no two shoots should ever be planned the exact same way as another. This allows your shoot to be tailor made to your specific needs rather than follow a cookie cutter approach. Yes, it does take more time and effort, but the results are easily noticeable.

Pre-Shoot Check-In: About a week prior to the shoot we will shoot you an e-mail to reconfirm the details and to give you some tips on how to maximize your photo shoot to help you look your very best!

Location Scouting: If we are unfamiliar with the shoot location, we immediately make trip to get to know the area. This will help maximize our time during the photo shoot and give us ideas for interesting shots prior to your arrival. As always, we arrive 30-45 minutes early to the locations to double check.

Photo Shoot: The main priority is that we get “The Shot” over and over again. The best way to get natural, unforced expressions is to simply have fun. So be prepared to have fun! Our photo shoots are thoroughly well planned, yet completely unscripted and spontaneous. The camera is always “hot” and looking to grab the shots in between the shots. This will give you two unique looks and styles; traditional, set portraiture and behind the scenes candids. The photo shoots will last as long as needed and go untimed allowing for changes of clothes, changes of venue (added charge,) and a relaxed, rush-free atmosphere. Image Selection and Storage: We average about 250 to 400 shots per photo shoot. Of course, many of these are test shots, misfires, and duplicates. Immediately after the shoot, your raw images are downloaded to the computer, external hard drive, and DVD disk ensuring the shot won’t be lost due to any malfunction. The images are then sorted and narrowed down to the very best ones to be proofed while also giving you plenty to pick and choose from yourself. These images are called the “select.”

Proofing: The select images are then put through the proofing stage. During this process the images will undergo minor post processing including correction for color and exposure as well as other minor edits to give you an idea of what the final image will look like. The reason for this is to cut the time between the photo shoot and you viewing your proofs to a minimum. Each photo will take about three to five minutes to complete, or about two days. Upon completion, you will be notified and have a password protected gallery set up on the webpage for viewing or the option to have printed proofs instead. We will then set up a Post-Shoot Consultation.

Post-Shoot Consultation: The Post-Shoot Consultation is where you get to officially view your images on our color calibrated monitor. This allows you to see exactly what you will be getting without any differences. We can also make minor changes to image on the spot (ie: you’d like to see what a color image would look like as a high contrast black and white.) On our website, we have the Prints & Products section, highlighting just some of what we offer. However, the images don’t necessarily do them any justice. We will bring along physical product samples so you can see them in person before you make a decision on what you’d like to order. During this time, you can also make a purchase of your prints; however, it’s recommended you sleep on the decision. Order Placement: There are numerous ways to order your images from our standard order forms, e-mail, in person, and to our brand new online ordering system! Choose from a multitude of products or a variety of select packages!

Post Process Part Two: This is where we prepare your image to look its very best for print. Included here is eye enhancement, skin smoothing (blemish removal or anything that isn’t permanently there, we leave freckles, beauty marks, etc,) stray hair removal, stray object removal, and the list goes on. Nothing is overlooked.  We then finish your image by properly sizing it and sharpening to the exact specification of the print size that you’ve selected so there is no variation from the finished product.

Professional Printing: Your prints are made to look beautiful for well past your lifetime. Archival quality means that it is meant to be passed down from generation to generation without loss in quality or color fading. We use only the nation’s top professional print companies to deliver you only the highest quality of prints.

Inspection: Each print and product goes through inspection at the print shop, but we also take the time to personally inspect them as well. We check for things like sharpness and clarity, color and exposure replication, and the stability of prints and products to name a few.

Delivery: Once your prints and products have met the standard, we then package your prints and products and hand deliver them to you!

Post Delivery Follow Up: (via telephone or e-mail.) We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of your photo shoot! This is done about two to three weeks after your prints and products have been delivered.

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