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Prints:  Not all prints are created the same.  We've narrowed down the field of the nation's top professional print shops through extensive print tests to bring you the very best in quality.  Our prints are 110% guaranteed to match in color and exposure while being printed with archival grade inks on a selection of the print industry's top of the line papers without any variation from print to print.  It's a quality only achieved by using state of the art printers and innovative techniques reserved for professional photographers.

While consumer grade prints are definitely cheaper, professional grade prints are guaranteed to maintain their stability without fading for 100 years in typical home storage and 200 plus years in dark storage.  We tested this and from our personal tests, consumer grade prints began to fade and show signs of discoloration within 8 months in a frame hung on the wall.  On the other side of the test was our prints from our preferred print shop which stood strong as advertised.

Bottom line:  We change, we look different from day to day and year to year.  If you want an image to withstand the tests of time and to be handed down from generation to generation, than your choice is obvious.

  • Available in sizes 2x2 to 30x50. You will have a choice of four unique papers which each have their own distinctive quality.

  • Fuji Crystal Archive Lustre: Our most popular paper! Features a semi-gloss finish that exhibits vivid color, outstanding details in the highlights and shadows, and an overall tack sharp image. Fuji Lustre has a subtle texture and is considered the standard in the photographic print industry.

  • Fuji Crystal Archive Deep Matte: A true matte finish that bright whites and a wide color range on a smooth texture. Delivers flattering whites and rich black tones, and is the perfect paper for portraiture as it adds a subtle warmth to the image.

  • Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl: This glossy paper is truly unique as it features a high gloss finish with a distinctive, smooth, pearl-like finish. It's ideal for portrait photography and is a very interesting paper.

  • Kodak Endura Metallic: Our second glossy paper exhibits unusually unique visual depth and interest. It delivers rich, vibrant colors, and flattering flesh tones. This glossy paper is finished with a distinctive, smooth, metallic finish.

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